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Join Father David with his explanation between prejudice and judgment and how we can better implement right judgement in our lives.

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Father Brian McMaster reflects on how Christ calls each one of us to be perfect.  He urges us to not strive for perfection, but instead be perfection.  Join Fr. Brian in his homily to discover the meaning of today's readings and Gospel.

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Fr. Chris reflects on how the commandments are not given to us as impeding restrictions, but as loving boundaries.  They keep us "in the game" so to speak, and headed toward our final goal.  Join Fr. Chris as he makes a good analogy of the commandments with a game of football. 

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Fr. David reflects on what true love is and how we can properly show this love to our loved ones.  He gives a good explanation on why pre-marital cohabitation is damaging to couples' relationships.  Join Fr. David as he prepares our hearts for St. Valentine's Day.

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